Oxygen Auto | Scrap your car


With drastically increasing levels of pollution and traffic in NCR, government bodies made a new law to scrap End-of-Life (ELV) vehicles as they are a prominent
cause of pollution. So if your car is over 15 years old (10 years for diesel) then you must scrap your car  CHECK GOVT RULING

Up-front payment on the day of pickup via cheque, online payment or cash

We check your short 10-20 seconds video of the car and give the best rate in 60 seconds. Without video we give an assured rate @30Rs per Kg and increase it on seeing the car on visit

You can book an appointment for your preferred time slot within whatsapp chat. Our executive will then visit you with cheque to pick up, they will also give you a
certificate of deposit.

NGT has banned 10 yr old diesel and 15 yr old petrol vehicles in Delhi NCR. If caught driving on road, your vehicle can be impounded alongwith Rs 10,000 fine. Thus it’s better to scrap and get the best rate beforehand.

We take full responsibility of all official paperwork like RC deregistration. Also we give you a proof of the same.

Authorised scrapper is supposed to give a Certificate of Deposit after collecting the car. This is a valid legal document, any use of the car made by anyone after this
is the responsibility of the scrapper. Thus we recommend to never choose unauthorised scrapper for extra money.

Govt of Delhi, everyday monitors the cars scrapped by the authorised scrappers. So you can be free of tension that what if it is not scrapped. With unauthorised scrappers, like in Mayapuri, it might be misused in criminal activities as the Govt has no record of them.